Let’s re-examine this $175m proposal for Oracle’s (errr Nashville’s!) infrastructure and see if we can find a Win-Win-Win that makes everyone happy.

Oracle moving to Nashville is a very good thing that should be celebrated. Paying* Oracle to move to Nashville- for reasons that include this notion that they are…

Nashville’s newest vaccine initiative- which resembles the only image your brain can make after watching a bunch of ’70s Burt Reynolds movies alone at a roller rink- is to get 50% of our population vaccinated by May. “#50BY5”

This is not a post about whether or not that is a…

(May 21, 2019)

We need some data about scooters.

Scooters. So divisive! I wanted to write up a post about what I’m (surprisingly) hearing in District 7 about Scooters and to try and figure out the arguments on both sides.

First, a disclaimer. I want Nashville to be a city…

Dan Fitzpatrick

Recent non winner of a local election (District 7 Council in Nashville). Formerly at Nashville Public Radio on the business side. Moved campaign site to here.

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